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ул. Крещатик, 46б,
г. Киев, 01001
2 этаж
тел.: (044) 239 19 19
факс: (044) 490 56 10

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Зразок листа до сім'ї

Лист до приймаючої сім'ї має бути надрукований на двох аркушах формату А4. Зверху листа Ви маєте вказати свій e-mail та контактний телефон. В листі Ви пишете про себе, свою сім'ю, свою освіту та про досвід роботи з дітьми.

E-mail: ____________


Dear host family,

I'd like to start my first letter to you with introducing myself. My name is Nataliia. I'm 20 years old and I'm a 4th year student of  Ternopil  National  Pedagogic University. I study foreign languages: English and German. In July this year I'll get the Bachelor diploma.

I was born in the village of Rakova, Tomashpil district Vinnitsa region. I was raised in Tomashvil, where my parents moved there I was 10. There are three members in my family: my mother Luibov Mykolaivna (43 years old) is librarian she is very kind and beautiful woman, she keeps house and takes care of our family, she is good at cooking and I always help her about the house, my  brother Sergiy (18 years old)  - he is a student , my father Grygoriy Mykhailovych (45 years old)- he is a sailor. We are deeply attached to each other and we get on very well. I have good friends and we like to spend time together.

I wish to become an au pair because I like children and in future I'm going to be a teacher of English. I understand that it's a great responsibility to work with children. I like people and my dream is to teach children English. That is why I need to get knowledge about history of America, it's customs, traditions and way of life. I want to improve my English and to know colloquial language. That is why I need your help, because I think it will be the best thing to go to America to be commitment in everything about this country. If I'd be happy to visit America than my lesson at  school would be very interesting and full of helpful information. Also I want to develop my personality, to experience authentic American life in host family and to make lifelong friends abroad.

As for my experience in caring of  children, I would like to say that during my holidays and weekends for a long time I looked after the boy Bogdan (7 years old) and girl Liliia (10 years old). Now I take care of  Vlad (2 years old).

I spent a lot of time with children and that time was just great. I played with them, helped to do their homework, went for a walk , took them from school. I like to read tales for them, to teach them what is good and what is bad. Also I prepared meal for children and bath them.

I like an active rest: to go for a walk, to visit cinema, theatre, different exhibitions. In my opinion, the best way to relax and have fan is to spend time in open area.

At the end I want to say that I like children very much and I'm sure they like me too. Whenever I'm with children I feel comfortable and forget about all problems. They can make me laugh. It seams to me that children are very interesting and funny.

I'm looking forward to meet you, my dear future family!


Best wishes,


Студентленд - насолоджуйся молодістю
ул. Михайловская 15 офис 8, Киев
(044) 490-3410
(044) 230-8373
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