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AU PAIR: International Cultural Exchange Program


Au Pair USA -  Your chance to see the United States!

  • Requirements
  • Participant receive
  • Program conditions
  • Necessary documents
  • Enrollment procedure
  • What is an Au Pair?

    'Au Pair' is a French word meaning 'on a par' or 'equal to', denote an equal terms relationship between a host family and an Au Pair.

    The Au Pair program offers a good opportunity to learn or improve a foreign language, to see other countries, meet the inhabitants and widen your interests and your outlook on life. The Au Pair arrangement, however, also calls for a lot of tact, understanding and sympathy from the Au Pair as well as from the family.

    Why become an Au Pair?

    Would you like to improve your foreign language?
    Do you like children?

    Becoming an Au Pair gives you the opportunity to get to know European countries and their people first hand, as well as a chance to improve your foreign language.

    For just a few months living in a European country with a host family you will gain excellent experience, independence and a good knowledge of foreign language.

    All these things will help you in your future career and are sure to impress any future employer.

    It's not secret that most effective method to improve your knowledge in foreign language - to live in country, where this foreign language is native.

    Not every person can afford to travel to another country for a long time and to pay for language courses.

    At present the most popular program that young people from all over the world can take part in is International Au Pair Program.

    This is the cheapest program through which people may live and study in different countries without big expenses.


    • age between 18 -26 years old

    • intermediate level of English

    • child care experience

    • you should not smoke

    • a good state of health

    • valid driver's license

    Program conditions:

    • full board and lodging with your host family

    • medical insurance

    • pocket money 780$ per month

    • 500$ study allowance

    • opportunity to travel with family

    • two weeks paid vacation

    • free air tickets

    Health insurance

    Each participant of Au Pair program is provided with health insurance.

    What does it means to finish program successfully?

    • to visit New-York training course;

    • to visit college;

    • to visit monthly meetings, organized by your local coordinator;

    • not violate the conditions of the program;

    • stay in family for 12 months;

    • return to Ukraine

    Necessary documents:

    • application form in English;
    • 4 photo (3х4) - smiling;
    • photos with children, relatives, friends. Photos should be placed on 2 papers (A-4size) with comments in English;
    • letter to the host family - should be written on two white sheets. You should write about your hobbies, interests, child care experience and sign it;
    • three referencesfirst concerning your child care experience, second from people that know you very well, third from your work place or from your school/college;
    • copy of certificate/diploma translated in English
    • medical form - special blank in English. Seal is necessary
    • criminal report (with translation)
    • copy of international passport
    • driving license copy
    • contract between host organization and participant of program

    Instructions how to fill documents, blanks, application forms and references you can get in our office after interview.

    What opportunities?

    Benefits are great: after you'll return home: your English will be much better, you'll receive wonderful child care experience, work experience abroad, friends from different countries, American culture knowledge. You can continue your education or start your carrier in international business!

    If you have any questions concerning the AU PAIR USA program or you are ready to start the process, contact us: aupair@studentland.com.ua.

    Call:  (044) 230 83 73

    Welcome: 15 Mykhaylivska Str. Of. 8 Kiev 01001 Ukraine


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