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Advantages for you

What are the benefits?

  • Fluency in a foreign language

How do you think, is it difficult to learn a foreign language for 1-2 years while staying in the country with native speakers of this language? Hearing around "live" language (in the streets and in shops, on radio and television, in theaters and cafes), communicating every day with native speakers and attending language courses. You will learn language for sure! Talking to children also helps, because children are the best teachers. 

  • Ability to continue education abroad

Fluency in a foreign language gives you great opportunities in education abroad, which in some countries (eg Germany) is free for foreigners. Student's visa also entitles you to find a job - that will not be a problem after one year stay in the country, knowing its laws, customs and language.

  • You can find friends from different countries

If you are and a person open for communication, you will find lot of friends in the country that will become your home for a year or two. During this period you, in fact, become its citizen and as any German or Frenchman of your age, you can go to discos, clubs, parks, etc. Your life will be active and you can make friends with many interesting people.
And the best friends probably will be members of the family where you'll live, learn, work. Quite often the family is so accustomed to their Au Pair, that they invite her every year to visit them.
Moreover, among Au Pairs there are not only Ukrainians or Russians, but also people from other countries. So you will certainly find new friends from the whole world.

  • Expand your horizons, see the world

During your holiday, you do not have to go home: you can use this time to travel around Europe or the United States. At the weekends Au Pair will be able to go on excursions to various cities of the host country and in neighboring European countries.
Moreover, very often the family, which is going to their vacations abroad, takes an Au Pair too. This is a unique opportunity to see the French Riviera, the Austrian ski resorts and other scenic parts of Europe or the USA!
Who knows whether you will ever be able again to see this world!

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