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ул. Крещатик, 46б,
г. Киев, 01001
2 этаж
тел.: (044) 239 19 19
факс: (044) 490 56 10

Enrollment procedure

If you decide to participate in the program, you should take the following steps:

1. Fill in the application form to take part in the program and send it to us by email aupair@studentland.com.ua

2. We invite you for an interview in the office or conduct a telephone interview
3. You sign a contract and pay the registration fee.
4. We provide you with all necessary forms for registration in the program, recommendations for their completion and samples.
5. Preparing the necessary documents. You write all documents in the language of the country you want to go (Germany, Austria - German, France - French, Denmark, Norway, Holland, USA - English) and send them to us.
6.After receiveing all documents a family search is starting.
7. You speak with families over the phone. You should agree with all the conditions of stay in this family. If the family makes a positive decision and you are happy with it too - you get the invitation and inform us about your choice.
8. After receiving confirmation from the family you pay the second part of the program fee.
9. Preparation and submission of required documents to the embassy. Visa issuing can take from several days to 2 months, depending on the country. We will give you full information about all aspects of necessary documents for a visa.
10. After you get your visa, you may take your suitcase, buy a ticket (with our help, of course) and depart to meet a new thrilling life!

Студентленд - насолоджуйся молодістю
ул. Михайловская 15 офис 8, Киев
(044) 490-3410
(044) 230-8373
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